Post Event

When the event has finished it is an important time to gather feedback, evaluate what worked and create excitement for next years event.

Social media
When GFW 2017 is over, it is important to update every social media site that GFW has with images, videos and information from the event to keep the audience engaged and to help encourage them to attend GFW 2018. According to ’35 statistics that every marketer should know’, 54% of US marketers use social media to relive highlights about their events after they have occurred. This shows how popular social media is for not only marketing an event before it has happened but also for after. This is why it will be used as part of the GFW 2017 strategy as it will show the public how successful the event was and encourage them to attend the following year.

Fashion influencers
According to Jones (2017) 23% of consumers admitted to buying an item only because a blogger has recommended it. Therefore, It is important that the bloggers follow up on their experience at GFW by posting on their blogs as it is clear to see they have a big impact on consumers and can influence other peoples opinions on the event. This will also help engage further with the audience and to build on GFW’s trust and loyalty with their consumers.

Celebrities are a good method for marketing post of an event as they will have had many interviews and pictures taken of them at the event. According to Small Business Chron, people have the attitude when it comes to celebrities, that if ‘the product is good enough for them, its good enough for me’. This is why it is important that celebrities are used as a strategic marketing technique for GFW as these pictures and opinions will be published in magazines and throughout social media and therefore a large audience will see them. This will help GFW gain trust and loyalty further and will attract more members of the public to engage with the event for the following year.


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