During Event

When GFW 2017 takes place it is just as important to have a digital strategy in place to keep the audience involved and engaged with the event and to therefore generate conversation and awareness of the event.

Social media
During the event, social media will play a vital role in keeping the audience who aren’t at the event updated so they feel engaged. In order to do this there will need to be a few people controlling the GFW accounts on different forms of social media at the event. It will also enable the audience who are at the event to post pictures and videos of their surroundings and use the hashtag to keep their followers updated. Image D shows a graph of the number of social media users in billions throughout the years and it shows that it is predicted to rise up to 2.95bn in 2020. Sponsors of GFW for example, LO’real will also a have social media accounts especially because they are big brands. This means that they will also make posts on their accounts about GFW before and during the event and this will then help promote the event so it will reach a wider audience. According to brandwatch.com, 50% of instagrammers follow brands and this is why sponsors will be used to promote the event as it will help reach to a wider audience.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 18.06.55.png
Snapchat will be one of the main social media platforms used during the event as there is 50 million daily active snapchat users in Europe (Smith, 2016). Therefore, there will be an official GFW snapchat account that will be open to the public so they can engage with the event and kept up-to-date on things that are taking place throughout, for example, Live talks, catwalk shows and chats with the designers. On this, backstage snapchats will also be taken. This will make the viewers feel important because they will be seeing exclusive videos and pictures of the event that others will not. A geo filter will also be created exclusively for people who are at the event.

Fashion influencers
The fashion influencers chosen to blog for GFW 2017 will be invited to the event and will take pictures and videos whilst at the event so their followers will see and therefore the event will reach to a wider audience. Primary research has shown that around 55% of people who completed a survey said they would be more likely to attend the event if celebrities and bloggers were attending. This again shows why fashion influencers will be used for the GFW 2017 strategy so more people are encouraged to attend and engage with the event.

Live stream
Live streaming events is another way to reach out to a wider audience and will mean people who aren’t attending GFW will be able to watch it and feel as though they at the event. This will lead to a bigger engagement and interaction on social media between the audience and GFW. Because GFW only happens once a year it also means the live stream will be rare and is more likely to attract a bigger audience. ‘Thanks to increasingly affordable methods and steadily improving technology, live-streaming is becoming more and more popular…’ (Curchman, 2007). Again this shows how popular live streaming is and why it will be used as a digital strategy for GFW 2017.


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